Why Moll Wealth

why-moll-wealth-partnershipCollaborative Relationship
True collaboration is a belief that working together will result in a better outcome.  Today most financial advisors typically do not involve clients in the advice generation process.  At Moll Wealth we want each client who desires to actively partner in the process, sharing their investment perspectives and preferences along the way to be able to do so.

Responsive and Attentive
We are committed to providing exceptional and unmatched service.  Receive direct access to an investment advisor who works for you and not a firm.  Have an advisor who proactively focuses on your portfolio and investment needs.

Protection and Transparency
Your investments are securely held by a third-party custodian.  A third-party custodian serves as a caretaker for your assets.  They will independently report on your holdings directly to you.  This enables us to serve you in a transparent, accountable and professional manner.

We focus on protecting assets for those who are risk adverse, producing attractive income for those who need investment income, and achieving an attractive rate of return over the long run for those who desire to grow their wealth.